The spa suite

Get drunk, but not from a drop of wine
In Kucha's heavenly spa you will enjoy a couple's experience that will awaken your body and still your mind.
Our massages, performed with a deep, but tender touch, are just the thing for those muscles that you've ignored for far too long. A whirlpool spa with breathtaking views of the northern Golan, a regal and inviting bed and a wood-burning stove for cold winter nights will keep you comfortable any time you visit. And our healthy, specially prepared treats and meals will keep you satiated throughout your stay.
The rejuvenation you will receive at our spa suite will give you a new strength—practically miraculously—that will fortify for weeks and months to come.
Jenny and Zohar Anavi, are a husband and wife team of professional therapists with magical hands, in the fullest sense of the word. We know exactly how to treat your body the way it needs, without you having to say a word. We love what we do and that will be felt by you at every moment. Like two good wizards, we will help you reach the deep inner balance with in both your bodies and your spirits.